Andropogoneae in Thailand (Poaceae)

Looking through the extraordinary structures and evolution of the unique tribe of Poaceae

Welcome to Andropogoneae (Poaceae)

Welcome to The World of Grasses

Poaceae (grass family) is ranked at the fifth of the most diverse families in plant world, which is composed around 10,000 species worldwide. Its distribution ranges from Tropics to Subtropics around the world. With its abundance and wide distribution, humans have been utilized grasses for a long time from vehicles to medicine. Interestingly, grass also posesses remakable characteristics and has undergone complex evolutonary history such as polyploidization. This page will guide you to the journey of Andropogoneae grass in one of the most interesting tribes of Poaceae. Andropogoneae is composed of at least 1,000 species and bears a spikelet pair in most species. Have fun!

Savanna ecosystem at Tung Kramang, Chaiyapum, Thailand in November 2014

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